What is Direct Messenger?

Direct messenger is a flexible, native Salesforce application that lets you include your social messaging services in the marketing cloud journey through journey builder.


With Direct Messenger you manage WhatsApp messages, templates and add WhatsApp touch points to the customer journey (such as a booking confirmation, gym notification or a message that the pizza courier is on the way) and you can measure success through the reporting functionality.

Direct Messenger's

Top Features

Easy to use

Whether your company consists of one person who leads the marketing department or hundreds of people around the world who have a large airline, with many different locations, we want to make social messenger the easiest solution for any company in any situation.

With the simple drag-and-drop function you can orchestrate journeys in minutes. Quickly create templates with images, location descriptions or boarding passes. Changing journeys or templates is just as simple: by dragging and dropping videos or photos can be changed quickly. And because social messenger is built on the Salesforce platform, all the benefits of Salesforce are present.


Fully Configurable

Direct Messenger gives you ultimate flexibility over the type of WhatsApp message or Facebook Messenger message to your customer. Easily work with customizable reusable templates.


Personalize your messages as you are used to with Marketing Cloud's personalisation strings. Just as easy.

Rich Media

Add images, video, PDF documents, QR codes or a location in the message with easy to use drag and drop functionality.

Ready-to-Use Solution

Direct messenger is available for immediate use. Some administrative resources are required to set up the app, but it does not require a high level of technical skill.

Service Cloud Integration

When someone feels the urge to give a response to your journey message, you would like to respond from a service desk point of view. In Social messenger you can switch on the cloud integration service and let the service team handle any comments. That's direct response you get with Direct messenger