Your Social Messenger Add-on

For Salesforce Marketing Cloud


Wherever They Go

Create exceptional customer experiences by including SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and more in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Journey builder.


Omni-channel Experience

Direct messenger helps you put the customer in the middle, by including social messaging channels into the customer journey within Salesforce Marketing Cloud Journey Builder.

Easy to Use

Setting up journeys was never easier. Setting up omnichannel journeys is done in minutes no matter what channel you wish to engage.

Native Salesforce Application

Direct messenger is built on the Salesforce platform and is completely integrated with Salesforce functionalities.

Service Cloud Integration

When someone feels the urge to give a response to your journey message, no worries. There is an integration with Service Cloud to handle any responses.

Fully Customizable

Everything is 100% customizable. Your business can get exactly what it needs with Direct messenger.


Build unlimited amount of journeys and channels. We want you to create journeys without limits!

Omni-channel marketing is about eliminating marketing silos and focusing on the full consumer experience. It puts the consumer at the center of its strategy.”

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